Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition, says teaching union

1 Jun 00
Chief inspector of schools Chris Woodhead has dismissed calls from a teachers' union leader for an end to the 'Spanish Inquisition' of schools' inspections.

02 June 2000

Mick Brookes, the incoming president of the National Association of Head Teachers, attacked Ofsted as 'crude, wasteful and laughable in its naivety' at the association's annual conference in Jersey.

He said: 'Nobody denies that schools should be accountable and should stand up to scrutiny. But a system more suited to the Spanish Inquisition must give way to something that more readily meets the needs of this century.'

Woodhead said he was 'deeply concerned' over Brookes's remarks, which gave him 'an appalling sense of déjà vu'. He added: 'There is no opportunity to hide for head teachers, and in my humble opinion there should be nowhere to hide.'


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