Police offered reprieve over Best Value audit funding

11 May 00
Police authorities this week welcomed the Home Office's belated decision to pay the additional costs of Best Value audit facing the police service.

12 May 2000

The decision, revealed in a letter from the Audit Commission to all local authorities confirming Best Value audit and inspection fees for 2000/01, follows strong lobbying of ministers by the Association of Police Authorities.

The cost of Best Value audit and inspection in town halls, estimated at £44m in 2000/01, is being funded by a combination of an increase in Revenue Support Grant and grant to the Commission.

Although police authorities face no direct costs for Best Value inspection, this year's police settlement included no funding to meet the additional Best Value audit fees, expected to be between £20,000 and £30,000 for most police authorities.

The lack of funding in the settlement now looks like an oversight, although authorities will be expected to continue to pay the full costs of value-for-money audits.


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