Caatalyst/ Public Finance: How to improve vendor payment efficiency and cut fraud and cash leakage

Date: Wed, 09/07/2016 - 15:00
In association with: Caatalyst

Austerity means pressure - pressure to do more, better, with less. The government is encouraging councils and other public sector organisations to triple check their vendor payments for every lost penny - and of course to avoid fraud.

Every complex buying organisation has weaknesses in its accounts payable systems which make it vulnerable to making overpayments and to fraud. So what can the public sector do to improve its performance and efficiency, better manage payment systems against a backdrop of reduced resources?

Featured speakers:
Arjun Medhi, Technical Development Manager, CIPFA Counter Fraud Centre Vince Chalmers, Director, Health Property and Infrastructure – CAPITA Charlie Watson, CEO, Caatalyst

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