Oracle/Public Finance webinar: Addressing austerity through digital finance transformation

Date: Tue, 03/15/2016 - 13:00
In association with: Oracle

Local authorities often labour under the burden of technology that is out of date and no longer fit for purpose. It's not hard to understand why when budgets are squeezed, transforming technology can seem time-consuming, complicated and expensive to contemplate.

We are already seeing changes in the market with technology advancing all the time and councils can't afford to be left behind. The increasing sophistication of online services is raising the expectations citizens have of their local public services. Providing efficient, accessible and joined-up services to citizens requires equally efficient and integrated systems in the back office.

There are several routes council finance teams can take towards digital transformation, securing more efficient ways of doing business, wider costs savings and facilitating co-operation across traditional service and geographic boundaries.

In this webinar, expert speakers discussed:

  • Technology's potential to transform services
  • Shared services and data warehousing
  • Advantages offered by moving to a cloud-based system


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Featured speakers:
Jane West, MD: oneSource; John Thornton: Director, e-ssential Resources and author of PF's Technology Watch column; Julie Stringfellow: Information Technology and Services Manager, PwC;

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