• Chris Naylor - CEO of Barking and Dagenham Council
    20 May 15
    Chris Naylor has moved from suburban Barnet, and the London borough’s controversial outsourcing of public services, to be chief executive at working class Barking & Dagenham, where he sees...
  • Francis Maude
    25 Mar 15
    Cabinet Office minister Francis Maude has set out plans to increase the transparency of government outsourcing contracts by introducing a presumption in favour of disclosing information, including...
  • Road works in King's Lynn
    16 Mar 15
    More than two-thirds of people think information about public sector outsourcing deals should be made more accessible and transparent, according to a survey.
  • 7 Jan 15
    Large charities have been criticised for failing to be transparent about the amount of public money they receive.
  • 8 May 14
    The regulator is getting tough with charities in England and Wales that file their accounts late. John Maddocks looks at the importance of transparency and new best practice for trustees due this year
  • Pressure is mounting on David Cameron to convene a full-blown constitutional convention after an unparalleled near clean sweep by the Scottish National Party of Westminster seats north of the border.
    4 Oct 13
    There are stirrings of a new mood in Parliament – now MPs need to square up to the executive on tax and spend
  • 25 Sep 13
    Some councils appear to be taking advantage of what they see as a loophole in the legislation regarding the Housing Revenue Account. But such attempts are not only morally wrong, they are legally...
  • 9 Sep 13
    The PASC has called for a new parliamentary commission on the future of the civil service. But a fresh inquiry will only be justified if it focuses on the nuts and bolts of how to make Whitehall...