Northern Ireland

  • Public Finance
    24 May 01
    Northern Ireland's pro-Good Friday Agreement parties are predicting that June 7's general election will provide a significant boost at the simultaneous local polls.
  • Public Finance
    19 Oct 00
    Northern Ireland's first home-grown budget in 29 years proffers a substantial increase in spending on the health service in the province and a boost for agriculture and rural development.
  • Public Finance
    8 Jun 00
    Sinn Fein captured its first mayorship in Northern Ireland this week when former IRA prisoner Cathal Crumley became mayor of the City of Derry Council.
  • Public Finance
    11 May 00
    With the Northern Ireland peace process teetering back from the precipice, Sinn Fein looks set to achieve an unprecedented double by winning the post of mayor in the province's two cities, Belfast...
  • Public Finance
    22 Oct 98
    Northern Ireland secretary Mo Mowlam has put pressure on health and social services chief executives to take only modest pay rises this year. The total pay bill for the province's health service...
  • Public Finance
    16 Jul 98
    The show of defiance by the Lords over Scottish tuition fees has ended in compromise, with the government promising to establish an independent commission to monitor the effects of the so-called...