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  • Care Science Photo Library
    1 Jul 13
    Pressure on public sector budgets has led to a rise in zero-hours contracts, particularly in the care sector. The biggest losers are vulnerable service-users and staff on poor pay and insecure hours...
  • meetings illustration WOOD
    6 Jun 13
    Public sector managers have to hold a lot of meetings but too few achieve their intended purpose – making good decisions based on the opinions of those present. Many lack structure and discipline and...
  • Virtual Working
    3 May 13
    As technology advances and pressure mounts on the public sector to cut costs, virtual meetings are a possible solution. But to work effectively in this uncharted territory, leaders will need to adopt...
  • BinmenALAMY
    29 Apr 13
    Local government employees have been hit by a double whammy. Already underpaid and undervalued compared with other sectors, they are now bearing the brunt of public service cuts, argues Heather...