Health and Social Care

  • Elderly person on living room
    11 Apr 19
    Dementia is the UK’s biggest health concern, so how should the social care Green Paper address it? Paul Edwards of Dementia UK has some answers
  • Cornwall is set to be the first county to secure a devolution deal from the government, while discussions are underway to reach devolution deals with four cities in England, George Osborne has announced.
    16 Jul 15
    Ministers have today approved a devolution deal for Cornwall to give the county greater control of adult skills spending and regional investment. It also introduces an integrated health and care...
  • 18 Oct 13
    CIPFA’s chief executive continues his ‘listen and learn’ process by examining the current issues affecting accountability, the health and social care overlap and new ways to look at...
  • 12 Jul 13
    Integration of health and social care was always going to be tough, but never before has there been such an unambiguous commitment to it, from the top of Whitehall down to town and county hall, GP...