• 16 Sep 14
    A pledge by UK party leaders to maintain the Barnett Formula for funding public services in Scotland if there is a no vote in Thursday’s independence referendum will increase demands for English...
  • 8 Jul 14
    The next government must seize the opportunity to devolve financial powers to city regions in England, the Commons’ local government select committee has recommended.
  • 23 Jun 14
    Chancellor George Osborne today said he wanted to ‘start a conversation’ about a new model of city government that would see greater devolution of budgets to local level.
  • 29 Apr 14
    When David Cameron and Nick Clegg crossed the Severn to hand over new fiscal powers to the Welsh Assembly, they kept a ‘lockstep’ on income tax. But there’s no turning back from the...
  • 30 Jan 14
    London is driving the recovery, but other large UK cities should be contributing much more. They must be given the tools to grow their economies and respond to local circumstances
  • 9 May 13
    It’s a year since elected majors were rejected by many of England’s big cities. So would local government have been in a more powerful position if the result had been different?