• 15 Jul 15
    A Welsh Government regeneration fund set up to promote sustainable housing development across the country may have sold land at below its market value, a report by the Auditor General for Wales has...
  • Chris Naylor - CEO of Barking and Dagenham Council
    20 May 15
    Chris Naylor has moved from suburban Barnet, and the London borough’s controversial outsourcing of public services, to be chief executive at working class Barking & Dagenham, where he sees...
  • 30 Apr 15
    Nearly a quarter of a million empty homes could be brought back into use if councils could levy taxes on properties left vacant for more than a year, the Institute for Public Policy North said today.
  • 4 Jul 12
    Liverpool is undergoing a business-led transformation under its newly elected mayor. Can the makeover be made to work for all its citizens, asks Peter Hetherington