Javid unveils public sector anti-violence duty

2 Oct 18

Councils and their local public service partners will receive a new statutory duty to work together to combat serious violence, home secretary Sajid Javid has announced.

Addressing the Conservative conference in Birmingham today, he said: “We will take steps to introduce a statutory duty for all agencies to tackle this problem together.

“That means those in health, education, social services, local government, housing – the whole lot.”

He said he was setting up a £200m endowment fund to target young people at risk of a life of crime and violence.

He also announced a review into the illegal drugs market.

“We know that one of the causes of serious violence is changes in the market for illegal drugs,” he told his audience.

“Armed with this evidence, I will step up this fight against drugs gangs that prey on our children.”

He also announced a suite of measures to tackle forced marriages, including preventing the spouses of forced marriage victims entering the UK, strengthening the use of admissible evidence in court when forced marriage visas are approved and help for public professionals to identify and support victims.

“This range of measures will build on our work to protect those at risk of forced marriage, so everyone in Britain has the freedom to choose who they spend their lives with,” he said.

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