Funds confirmed to support electric vehicle uptake

13 Jul 18

The government has confirmed plans to invest in infrastructure to support zero emission vehicles.

The Road to Zero strategy, announced at the start of this week, proposed a £400m fund to facilitate the roll-out of more charging points for electric vehicles.

The Department for Transport also said it would provide £500 for electric vehicle owners to put in a charge point in their home.

Additionally, £40m will be provided to support technologies for on-street and wireless charging technology.

The strategy takes forward funding allocations were initially proposed in the government’s industrial strategy.

Transport secretary Chris Grayling said: “The Road to Zero strategy sets out a clear path for Britain to be a world leader in the zero emissions revolution – ensuring that the UK has cleaner air, a better environment and a stronger community.”

The strategy’s goal is for at least 50% of new car sales to be ultra low emission by 2030.

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