Troops deployed to help NHS survive big freeze

7 Mar 18

The military were brought in to help transport NHS staff to hospitals as a result of the recent extreme weather, the government has confirmed.

British armed forces mobilised a total of 124 4x4 vehicles to help NHS staff get to work.

In addition, 20 RAF personnel and ten 4x4 RAF vehicles were used to move health staff to hospitals in Lincolnshire.

In total, 328 military personnel in places such as Shropshire, Cornwall and Edinburgh were deployed to help keep the country’s public services going.

Defence secretary Gavin Williamson paid tribute to professionalism and dedication of the armed forces.

“From Scotland to Cornwall, more than 100 personnel from across the forces are making a real difference in getting nurses and doctors to vulnerable and elderly patients, and helping rescue those left stranded in freezing conditions,” he said.

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