Civil servants unhappy with pay, says survey

17 Nov 17

Pay and benefits was the only area that saw a drop in civil servant satisfaction from last year, according to a survey.

The government’s Civil Service People Survey 2017, released yesterday, showed only 30% of 294,905 respondents to this year’s People Survey said they felt their earnings adequately reflected their performance - down from 31% the year before.

This was in contrast to other areas that saw a rise in civil servant satisfaction, such as with their work, manager or team.

See a summary of findings below:

Civil Service Survey 2017

Dave Penman, general secretary to the FDA union, said: “It’s clear [civil servants are] being badly let down on pay at a time when their expertise is needed more than ever.”

It was “heartening” that during turbulent political times civil servants had increasing confidence in their managers, high levels of trust in their colleagues, and a real sense of pride in what they do, he added.

He also said: “As the civil service grapples with the hugely complex challenge of Brexit while keeping vital public services running, ministers cannot afford to ignore the scale of dissatisfaction on pay any longer.

“The chancellor must use next week’s Budget to ensure that all public servants are given a fair, fully-funded – and long overdue – pay rise.”

The call to increase public sector pay follows an announcement earlier this year that prison and police officers would get a pay hike above 1%.

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