Truss urges public sector to ‘think big’

27 Oct 17

The public sector should “think big” and be open to new ideas and innovation for the public good, chief secretary to the Treasury Liz Truss has said.

In a speech to the Social Market Foundation yesterday, Truss said the public sector’s achievements have been secured through creativity and innovation, and people on the front line should have the freedom to “transform what they do”.

“It’s about opening up more of the public sector to new ideas and innovation, unleashing creativity in the way we approach our day to day delivery of public services,” she said.

“In this way, we can harness the untapped potential of the public sector and its people to help drive our economy and put us in a strong position to thrive.”

Public spending is currently 38.9% of GDP and will hit £800bn for the first time this year, Truss noted.

The UK spends more than countries like Germany and Japan on education and healthcare spending is 9.7% of GDP, more than the EU average.

“If we want to make sure our public services continue to lead the world, we shouldn’t be losing control of the public finances or wrecking the economy,” the chief secretary added.

“We need a balanced approach – investing while driving productivity and value for money”.

 Truss also said taxpayers’ money should be spent well and more should be invested in economic infrastructure.

The government must do more to empower public servants and give them the means and support to “unlock” potential.

“In the way we design frameworks and spending controls, the Treasury – whilst protecting public money – must make sure we are allowing leaders to lead and giving them freedom over how to achieve results,” she said.

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