Guide to expanding the railways published

6 Jul 17

Campaign groups hoping to open new rail lines or stations must assemble a persuasive business case and know how to access funds, a new guide to the process advises.

Expanding the Railways, published by the Campaign for Better Transport and Railfuture, is intended to help local authorities, developers and communities through the complex processes involved.

It provides case studies including new stations at Apperley Bridge and Kirkstall Forge between Leeds and Bradford, the James Cook University Hospital Station, in Middlesbrough, and Stratford-upon-Avon’s new parkway station, together with more elaborate projects, such as re-opening the East-West line between Oxford and Cambridge.

The guide explains the different funding streams controlled by national government, local enterprise partnerships and local authorities.

Campaign for Better Transport chief executive Stephen Joseph said: “Not so long ago, rail policy was about closing lines and stations.

“Now there is an all-party consensus that the rail network needs to be extended, rather than cut back.

“There have already been several successful projects that have opened new or former lines and stations and our new guide will help councils and communities who want to develop their own ideas for extending the railway network."

Rail minister Paul Maynard endorsed the guide and said: “The government and the whole rail industry are working hard to deliver the biggest rail modernisation programme for over a century.”

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