UK government reaches a deal with the DUP

26 Jun 17

The Conservative government and the Democratic Unionist Party have reached a confidence and supply agreement, Downing Street has confirmed.

According to official documents the deal will see no change to the triple lock on pensions, or winter fuel allowance.

Funding for the armed forces will remain at 2% of GDP and the government has agreed to support Northern Ireland’s agriculture sector throughout the Brexit process,  committing to the same level of cash funding for farm support until the end of the Parliament.

The deal will also see the UK government provide £200m per year for two years to fund infrastructure development in Northern Ireland.

Westminster has also granted £75m per year for two years for super-fast internet in the region.

Northern Ireland’s Executive will get an extra £50m per year for two years for health and education as well as an extra £100m for health service transformation over the same period.

While mental health services in the country will get £10m over the next five years.

This morning the two parties finally signed off the deal after talks first began following the general election vote on June 8.

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Arlene Foster, the DUP leader, said she was “delighted” by agreement, adding “I think (it) works, obviously, for national stability.”

Foster continued: “In terms of the Northern Ireland executive, of course we are determined to see it back in place as soon as possible as well, because we believe we need a strong voice for Northern Ireland when dealing not least with the Brexit issue.”

Theresa May sought the support of the Arlene Foster and ten DUP MPs after the prime minister failed to secure a majority in the Commons.

Today the prime minister said “the agreement we have come to is a very, very good one”, this she said is due to the shared values between the Conservatives and the DUP on issues such as enhancing prosperity across the UK as well as the value of the union.

The votes of the 10 DUP MPs will give May a guaranteed majority on important votes including the Brexit-focused Queen’s Speech, the Budget and Brexit bills assuming none of her own Tory MPs vote against these. The House of Commons is due to vote on the Queen’s Speech on Wedensday.  

Today’s deal will see the DUP back the government’s other legislation on a “case by case basis”.

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