Theresa May plans to seek permission from Queen to form a government

9 Jun 17

Theresa May will seek permission from the Queen to form a government despite losing her majority in the general election.

The UK’s general election has returned a hung parliament result, with neither Labour or the Conservatives having enough seats to claim a majority.

Theresa May, leader of the Tory party, has refused to step down despite her snap election gamble failing to win her a stronger mandate as she had hoped.

Her pledge to provide “strong and stable” leadership failed to win over enough of the electorate.

The Conservatives won the most seats but do not have the 326 required for an outright majority, meaning the party may try to form a minority government with the support of smaller parties.

It has been reported that the Conservatives are in talks with the Democratic Unionist Party and that the DUP have said it will give May “backing”. May plans to see the Queen at 12.30pm today. 

See the table below to find how each party fared.

General election results 2017

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