LGA calls for landfill tax ‘rebate’ following winter storms

11 Feb 16

Councils face a bill of more than £2.25m due to an increase in household goods sent to landfill following this winter’s floods, according to estimates from the Local Government Association.

The umbrella group of local authorities said the equivalent of almost 30,000 tonnes of water-damaged household goods had to be dumped in landfill sites after the floods, which affected the north of England.

A snapshot analysis found councils face more than £2.25m in landfill tax as a result, because most of the items damaged after storms Desmond and Frank cannot be recycled as they are classed as “contaminated”.

The LGA is therefore calling for these landfill taxes, which are calculated at £82.60 per tonne, to be returned to authorities by the Treasury in order to help fund local recovery from the severe winter.

LGA environment spokesman Peter Box said councils had been “pulling out all the stops” to help businesses and households affected, removing an average 1.66 tonnes from each of the 16,500 homes and businesses flooded.

“We are calling on government to allow councils to keep all of this landfill tax. This money could make a major difference in helping councils to continue their sterling work with the massive clear-up and returning households and businesses to normality.”

The total repair bill has not yet been confirmed, but is expected to run into hundreds of millions of pounds, he added.

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