Whitehall communications spending cut by £1bn over last five years

14 Aug 15

Government spending on communications fell by £1bn over the last parliament, according to Cabinet Office figures.

The Government Communications Profession spent £330m less in 2014/15 compared to 2009/10, the figures stated. The reductions over the five-year period amounted to more than £1bn, with savings being made through spending controls, removing duplication across Whitehall and switching to lower cost channels, including digital and so-called nudge techniques.

Alex Aiken, executive director of government communications, said: “In the past, taxpayers’ money was too often spent on expensive and unnecessary marketing and advertising campaigns. We’ve put an end to that, and ensured that we track the implementation and effectiveness of everything we do.

“Today’s figures are impressive, but we won’t stand still. That’s why we recently released our communications plan for the year ahead which commits us to delivering further value for taxpayer’s money and a more skilled, effective and focused service than ever before.”

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