Two-thirds of public sector workers believe cuts pose job risk

23 Jun 15
Nearly two-thirds of public sector employees fear their job is at risk from government spending cuts, according to a poll.

The Total Jobs website surveyed 3,766 public sector workers looking for new posts. It found found that over half (57%) said the private sector is now more attractive than the public sector.

In addition to 64% stating their job may be is at risk as a result of the cuts, 61% of those polled said the search for a new post in the public sector had taken longer than they anticipated.

Despite this, 55% agreed that the public sector still offered an appealing career due to generous pay, pensions and benefits, and flexible working.

Total Jobs director Ian Burke said the results showed public sector workers were feeling more cautious about their prospects in the sector amid likely cuts in posts, which the Institute for Fiscal Studies has warned could accelerate in this parliament.

“The Conservative government has said that it will focus on making recruitment in the sector more open and that it will ‘actively look for exceptional talent, especially in areas where capabilities are in short supply’,” said Burke.

“With this in mind public sector employers looking to restructure and recruit the best talent must ensure that their application process is streamlined and easy to understand.”

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