Clegg: LibDems ‘would provide stable centrist government’

27 Apr 15

Only the Liberal Democrats will be able to deliver a stable coalition government after next week’s general election, Nick Clegg has claimed today, as neither of the main parties were being honest about their plans for a hung parliament.

Speaking in London today, the deputy prime minister said it was increasingly clear that neither the Conservatives nor Labour would have a majority after May 7.

An analysis by the LibDems found 99% of the national polls indicated a hung parliament, and Clegg called on both David Cameron and Ed Miliband to be clear about possible coalition deals with UKIP or the Scottish National Party.
The LibDems had shown since 2010 that a hung parliament can lead to a strong, stable coalition, he said, but not all agreements will be able to put the national interest first.

‘Only the Liberal Democrats will put the national interest first and build a stronger economy and a fairer society,’ he said.

‘And only the Liberal Democrats can stop [former SNP leader] Alex Salmond and [UKIP leader] Nigel Farage from dragging the government away from the stable, centre ground.’


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