Conservatives could lose majority at general election, says poll

31 May 17

The Conservatives could lose their parliamentary majority at next week’s general election, a projection by the YouGov polling company has shown.

Although opinion polls have consistently shown the Conservatives on course to win, the YouGov mode, reported today by Reuters, showed they could lose 20 seats, wiping out the small majority they gained in 2015.

YouGov based this on 50,000 interviews and concluded the Conservatives would win 310 seats, down from the 331 seats won in 2015 and short of the 326 needed for a majority.

It said Labour could win 257 seats, up from the 232 seats it gained in 2015, with other parties taking 83 seats in all.

Prime minister Theresa May called the election to try to improve on the 12-seat majority she inherited form her predecessor David Cameron, encouraged by strong onion poll leads.

Ratings have fallen though since the launch and then reversal of controversial Conservative manifesto policies on social care.

Sterling fell by half a percent lower against the US dollar after the YouGov poll came out, trading at $1.28 earlier today.

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