Public sector job prospects ‘best for four years’

10 Mar 15

Public sector employment prospects have risen to their highest level in four years and are currently more positive than those in the private sector, a poll of employers has found.

In its latest quarterly survey of public sector employers, Manpower Group’s Employment Outlook Survey found there was a 10-point increase in public sector organisations expecting to hire staff compared to December.

The survey asks public sector employers if they expect to hire additional staff or reduce numbers in the next quarter, with the result expressed as a net percentage.

The net +12% percentage is double the +6% rating for the economy as a whole, which reflects private firms taking a ‘wait and see’ approach to the outcome of May’s general election, Manpower Group’s UK managing director Mark Cahill said.

He added there were several possible explanations for this bounce in hiring predictions.

‘First, staff shortages mean some organisations need to take on staff in order to maintain frontline services. Take the NHS, where a number of trusts are looking abroad for clinical workers amid a need for doctors and nurses.

‘Equally, as the public sector looks to streamline its services, we’re seeing an increased focus on digitisation, which can lead to an increase in hiring for new skills. It is also possible that some employers have their eye on securing talent in preparation for possible reforms after the general election.’

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