Bundred to stand down as Audit Commission head

26 Nov 09
Steve Bundred has announced today that he will step down as chief executive of the Audit Commission next year
By Jaimie Kaffash

26 November 2009

Steve Bundred has announced today that he will step down as chief executive of the Audit Commission next year.

Bundred was instrumental in the establishment of local authority Comprehensive Area Assessments, now named Oneplace, which are set to go live on December 9 this year.

Steve Bundred said: 'I will move on from the commission with a real sense of achievement, knowing it is in good shape – but with mixed feelings at leaving colleagues with whom I have greatly enjoyed working, and who, I know, will continue to take the commission forward.'

'This feels a practicable moment for the chair and the board to move to appoint a successor in time to begin responding to what the forthcoming general election may bring. Just over six years feels to me a reasonable tenure of the job.'

Chair of the Audit Commission Michael O’Higgins told Public Finance that the resignation was no surprise and had been first discussed more than a year ago. He said the timing of Bundred’s move was principally designed to coincide with the transition to Oneplace assessments.

O’Higgins added that his own further two-year appointment as chair ensured stability for the new chief executive, and this contributed to the timing of Bundred’s resignation. Although the general election was a factor in the timing of the move, O’Higgins denied this was because of the possibility of a new Conservative government intent on cutting quangos.

He said, as well as the move to Oneplace, Bundred’s legacy would be of bringing about ‘transparency’ to the workings of the commission

'Steve has come to personify the commission for many people. We will have to work hard to find as able a successor. People bandy that word “transformation”, but here it is right. Steve steadied, then brought about durable changes in the structure and functioning of our organisation,' he added.

He said they would be looking for Bundred’s successor to bring the ‘same integrity that Steve brought to the job’.

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