Congestion tax evaders face losing their cars

26 Sep 02
Motorists caught persistently trying to evade paying London Mayor Ken Livingstone's £5-a-day congestion charge will have their cars clamped and impounded in a tough 'three strikes and your car is out' policy.

27 September 2002

A 60-strong team of traffic officers contracted by Transport for London (TfL) are to roam across the 33 London boroughs and catch as many offenders as possible.

It could cost miscreants hundreds of pounds to recover their vehicles. Cars may be impounded if their owners have failed to pay three outstanding fines of £80.

National Car Parks has won a multimillion pound, five-year contract with TfL and will begin policing the measure across Greater London when it comes into force in February 2003.

Their personnel will be equipped with handheld computers linked to a central terminal holding the registration numbers of cars that have entered the eight square miles of central London.

The AA motoring organisation has expressed concern that a lack of up-to-date records could lead to errors being made in the management of the scheme.


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