Scottish councils extend pay bonanza to senior staff

11 Apr 02
Councils in Scotland have begun to extend the inflation-busting pay increases given to chief executives to other senior managers.

12 April 2002

Glasgow City Council announced this week that senior staff would receive an average pay increase of 9.3%. The chief executive and senior officials at the City of Edinburgh are also to receive salary rises of 11.3% over two years.

The pay rises, which are bound to cause controversy among local government workers restricted to a 3% pay award, are a result of the McIntosh report for the Scottish Executive. This paved the way for major increases for chief executives, but the Convention of Scottish Local Authorities left it to the discretion of individual authorities to extend it to other staff.

Glasgow will pay its three main directors of education, social work and finance an extra £9,800, taking their annual salaries to £109,400.

A spokesman for the council said Glasgow had the slimmest structure of any local authority in Scotland and the pay increases had been awarded in the light of efficiency cuts in management, which had saved the authority £6m a year.


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