Nats directors offer wide range of expertise

9 Aug 01
The three government partnership directors who will help mastermind the takeover of the National Air Traffic Services by a public-private partnership have been named.

10 August 2001

Bill Semple, a former chief executive and deputy chairman of Nats, will join Stephen Pettit, executive director of corporate development at Cable and Wireless, and Lord Brooke of Alvethorpe, a Labour peer and former joint general secretary of the Public Services, Tax and Commerce Union.

They will be paid £30,000 a year for approximately two days' work a month.

The Department of Transport, Local Government and the Regions said their prime function was to 'safeguard the government's financial interests' in the company that will run Nats.

'Their blend of skills and experience offers the government strong representation on the Nats board. They will play a key role in establishing the PPP and in helping to ensure its success,' said David Jamieson, the minister for aviation.

Under the PPP, which came into effect on July 26 after months of argument about the safety implications and opposition from the air traffic controllers' union, the Airline Group consortium has acquired 46% of the shares, with the government retaining 49% and 5% being held by an employee trust.


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