Doctors agree on format of new regulatory body

2 Aug 01
Sweeping reforms to the body that regulates doctors moved a step closer last week as the General Medical Council backed proposals to give a greater role to lay people.

03 August 2001

In the wake of a series of medical scandals, the government has signalled its determination to strengthen regulation of medical practice. It hopes greater lay presence will reassure the public that assessments of doctors' fitness to practise are fair.

Last week the GMC agreed there would be 19 medical members and 14 lay members on its new council and that it should be more explicitly accountable to Parliament. The proposals will now go to the government, with legislation expected early next year.

The British Medical Association, which has lobbied hard to maintain a medical majority on the GMC's ruling council, said it fully supported the proposals.

It said: 'There has been a lot of work over the past few months but now we believe we have found a solution satisfactory to patients and the profession.'


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