Consumer body aims to help the public get involved in NHS decisions

7 Jun 01
Patients are to be encouraged to make their voice heard in the debate over how the health service is to be run.

08 June 2001

The National Consumer Council is seeking to broaden its Stronger Voice in Health scheme, currently being piloted in the London Borough of Wandsworth.

The scheme helps train local people, including those from ethnic minorities and disabled groups, on how to become more deeply involved in health and social care decisions taken locally.

'This project can help turn the vision of a patient-centred NHS into reality,' said NCC director Anna Bradley. 'The National Plan recognised the need to involve patients and the public far more in the way the service is run. It is on the ground that these changes must deliver if patients are to feel the difference.

'There is a huge job to be done. Patients need confident and influential advocates to represent their views to decision-makers.'


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