NHS may not have the expertise to push through Plan

31 May 01
The NHS Confederation is to investigate the number of managers needed to implement the government's modernisation plans.

01 June 2001

The health service managers' organisation said it was concerned that 'the size of the management agenda for acute trusts has grown much faster than management resources'.

The confederation supported the government's NHS Plan and wanted to identify the barriers to implementing the modernisation package.

Gary Fereday, policy manager at the confederation, said its acute committee was looking at the new demands being placed on NHS managers, such as the government's modernisation programme and the need to manage the contracts with private sector providers.

'One of the things the committee is exercised about is management capacity within the acute sector – is there enough to modernise the service? What skills do we have? Are they the right skills for change management? Do we have the right people in the right places?

'It is approaching these questions with an open mind,' he added.


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