Teenagers from poor families offered £40 a week to stay on in school

28 Sep 00
The Scottish Executive has launched a new 'weekly wage' scheme to try to persuade less well-off pupils to stay on at school after the age of 16.

29 September 2000

A pilot project is already under way in East Ayrshire, but Henry McLeish, the Scottish Executive's minister with responsibility for lifelong learning, said that it would be extended.

A third of Scottish school pupils leave at the age of 16 and only 43.4% complete the full six years of secondary school education.

Under the initiative, pupils in the areas where most leave early will be offered £40 a week to stay on. This is part of a three-year spending programme said to increase investment in enterprise, jobs and learning by £300m.

McLeish said: 'The investment in learning is crucial to future economic growth and prosperity. I want to use a significant part of this increase to bring in more students from groups in the community who have not entered higher education in a major way.'


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