Sinn Fein celebrates mayoral victory in Derry

8 Jun 00
Sinn Fein captured its first mayorship in Northern Ireland this week when former IRA prisoner Cathal Crumley became mayor of the City of Derry Council.

09 June 2000

SDLP as well as Sinn Fein councillors voted for him, but he was opposed by all the Unionist parties. Crumley, 41, was jailed in 1976 and served four years for IRA membership.

Ulster Unionist Ernie Hamilton was elected to his second term as deputy mayor and will officiate at functions in the absence of the mayor. This may be necessary if there are royal visits to the city.

In Belfast, Sinn Fein's veteran councillor, Alex Maskey, missed out on the mayorality by two votes and Democratic Unionist Party councillor Sammy Wilson was instead elected for a second term.


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