LGA learns lessons from failing schools

15 Jun 00
The Local Government Association has set up its own hit squad to establish how education authorities can intervene effectively to turn around failing schools under their control.

16 June 2000

A nine-strong commission, led by LGA chair Sir Jeremy Beecham, will investigate examples of strong leadership shown by LEAs when faced with schools on special measures in order to create a good practice blueprint for the future.

LGA education chair Graham Lane, who is also on the commission, said LEAs should lead the way in the drive to push up standards.

'There's no evidence that the government's initiative on fresh start schools is having any effect at all,' he said. 'Our role in local government is to raise standards and make things happen and LEAs have been successful in turning round failing schools. The number is falling and the speed with which they are being turned round is quickening.'

Other members of the commission include Labour MP and education select committee member Hilary Benn, and David Hart, general secretary of the National Association of Head Teachers.

The panel will gather evidence throughout the summer and deliver its findings in November.


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