Audit Commission brings business people on board

2 Sep 99
Local government minister Hilary Armstrong has announced two new business-oriented appointments to the Audit Commission.

03 September 1999

Julie Baddeley, executive director of the Woolwich, and Brian Wolfe, director of business efficiency and IT at Marconi Communications, become generalist members of the commission.

They will be paid a salary of £6,800 a year for two days' work a month.

Baddeley has overall charge of IT at the Woolwich, as well as human resources. She was formerly head of change management for Andersen Consulting.

Wolfe has worked in GEC or one of its subsidiary companies for most of his career and is also a trustee of the Open University.

The appointments were made jointly by Deputy Prime Minister John Prescott, Welsh Secretary Paul Murphy and Health Secretary Frank Dobson after consultation with the Local Government Association, the accountancy profession, the National Association of Local Councils, the Confederation of British Industry and the Trades Union Congress.


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