Learn how technology can help meet the challenges of IFRS 16 in the Public Sector

3 Dec 19

New lease accounting standards are coming for the public sector. From April 2020, public sector entities in the UK will be required to report the financial impact of their leased portfolio – so, now is the time to get ahead of the game.


At MRI Software, we’ve supported more than 400 organisations transition to the new standard – in both the public and private sector. With this on-demand webinar, you can delve deeper into how our proven IFRS 16 software can help combat the impending challenges, as well as an overview of how IFRS 16 will impact the public sector. Learn how, with a purpose-built solution, you can:

  • Make automatic recalculations and associated balance sheet adjustments when required by leasing events such as extensions and terminations
  • Enable notifications for when critical information changes or a new lease is under negotiation
  • Create an asset class matrix and define discount rates by asset type
  • And more…

MRI Software, a recognised Crown Commercial Supplier in the UK, under the G-Cloud 9 framework, delivers innovative applications and hosted solutions that free real estate companies to elevate their business. The flexible technology platform and open and connected ecosystem meet the unique needs of real estate businesses, from property-level management and accounting to investment modelling and analytics for the global commercial and residential markets.


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