Public Finance Podcast: The Local Government Settlement and forecasts for 2024

31 Jan 24

What happens next? Is the question every council leader is asking right now. Despite not one but two financial deals for local government, the year ahead is set to be even tougher. Decisions are being made about which services to cut and for some whether s114 is the only option. So in this very special podcast, we discuss how local authorities can ensure not only they balance the books but also protect the important projects and services that will support their communities for years to come.


After all, local government needs to be there long after a one-year settlement. It's going to be a very busy year - and one that is likely to include a general election. So we've taken the opportunity to look at some of the other issues that could come up over the next few months. In this fascinating discussion, joining Chris Smith, Editor Public Finance are two experienced influencers in the sector. Dan Corry is Chief Executive of the think tank, New Philanthropy Capital. And he was previously head of the Number 10 Policy Unit for British prime minister Gordon Brown. Justin Galliford, CEO of Norse Group (, which is owned by Norfolk County Council.


What is it like to be in the Treasury dealing with the demands from council leaders? How can an organisation under pressure meet short-term and long term demands? And is there some politics going on here?