Financial resilience: Follow the Money

1 Nov 23

What’s gone wrong and how do we put it right?

Communities across the country are struggling in the cost of living crisis and local government is straining to meet huge demands including more families in poverty and vulnerable older people. So for the latest edition of our podcast on financial resilience we’ll be exploring how public sector organisations can make a difference.

Joining us are two very special guests. Former Treasury minister and anti-poverty campaigner Liam Byrne MP reveals his research into how we’ve got to the crisis. And Jonathan Werran, chief executive of local government think tank (, explains the pressures the public sector is under.

Together with Justin Galliford, chief executive of Norse Group (, they explore the potential solutions. This fascinating edition starts in Britain’s most expensive neighbourhood where a house now costs a staggering £30m. This is the second in a series of three podcasts sponsored by Norse Group.