Sponsored: How to improve the performance of your RPA bots

11 Apr 23

Robotic process automation (RPA) uses intelligent technology to perform previously time-consuming manual tasks swiftly and accurately – but the performance of your robots is dependent on their programming. Here are 10 tips on things you’ll need to do before launching your RPA system to make sure the project is a success.

Set your metrics early

You can’t know if RPA has improved your processes without something to measure against. Before launching your project, think about the metrics you want to put in place. Focus on measuring important factors to your business, such as accuracy levels, successful task completions, need for intermissions, speed and volume, or compliance measures met.

Define tasks clearly

Keep things simple and understand the limitations of your bots: if they have to think, they’ll probably get it wrong.

Don’t ask bots to interpret feelings, subtleties or hints

RPA cannot replace the emotional intelligence of the workforce. It can only carry out straightforward tasks, so assign more complex work to your people.

Don’t create new tasks

Apply RPA to existing processes: this way you’ll fully understand the tasks required and why they’re needed, as well as their frequency and the possible outcomes.

Use automation for big jobs

Automate the processes with the highest volumes first to free up the most time for your staff.

Use data sets to inform your RPA

Govern your RPA system through structured data inputs which feed bots the information they need in a format they understand. Don’t use human inputs or chat, as the variable data qualities could cause confusion.

Feed your bots accurate data

The better the input, the better the output. Incorrect data can lead to incorrect output – or even no output – from your RPA system. Our Advanced Data Automation solution can capture, process and match 100% accurate data from your business documents within minutes of receipt, and then provide that data to your RPA robots.

Avoid hard coding

It’s likely your settings will change over time. However, it’s important to minimise unnecessary changes to the script, especially if it has already been deployed to production, to avoid bugs and errors.

Run a pilot first

A pilot will determine if your bots can fulfil the tasks set out for them – but you must be willing and able to commit to the resources required. It may take up to four months to select the right tool, plus 12 weeks to run the pilot – and could cost around £50,000.

Choose a cloud-based solution

Deployment in the cloud allows for digital transformation at pace and at scale while providing your business with flexibility and far greater returns than other methods. You can also use cognitive cloud services to improve the knowledge or intelligence of your bots.

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