Queen’s speech delayed until Brexit deal reached

30 Apr 19

The Queen’s speech, which marks the beginning of a new parliamentary session, will be delayed until a Brexit agreement has been reached, the prime minister’s spokesperson has said.

A new session in parliament was supposed to begin in June but the prime minister has suggested this will not happen until a Brexit agreement is reached.

At a lobby briefing yesterday morning Theresa May’s spokesman said that the EU withdrawal bill “is part of the current Queen’s speech cycle and we need to finish that work”.

He admitted that there was “no specific date” for a new session. The current session is on course to be the longest in postwar history.

The speech, which forms part of the ‘state opening of parliament’, was last held in June 2017 – setting out a special two-year session because of Brexit. The speech usually occurs annually.

Asked if the speech would be delayed until Brexit was “over the line” the spokesman at the lobby briefing said: “What we are focused on is the withdrawal agreement bill because that is the legislation necessary in order to ratify our withdrawal form the EU.”

The speech outlines policies and proposed legislation for the new parliamentary session and is voted on in the Commons. But the Times reported that Theresa May will delay the speech to avoid losing a vote on it and thereby bringing forward her departure from Downing Street.

The newspaper said: “Mrs May dare not introduce [the speech] as she fears that it will be rejected by MPs, forcing her to end the session.

“Instead, Downing Street has drawn up a list of relatively benign legislation to justify extending the session beyond the original two-year deadline in June.”

Last week PF reported that the Spending Review could be delayed until next year due to Brexit.

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