Northants names new chief executive

13 Jul 18

Northamptonshire County Council has named its new chief executive as Theresa Grant.

It follows the resignation of Andrew Quincey last week, who is going to work for a public construction company in Sydney, Australia.

Grant is a former chief executive at Trafford Council. Northamptonshire’s council leader Matthew Golby said she was a “distinguished chief executive”.

“I am delighted to be able to announce that we have selected a preferred candidate who I have no doubt has the experience, skills, leadership and expertise which we require here in Northamptonshire,” Golby said.

“We now look forward to moving through the next two years and the transition to unitary governance with such a distinguished chief executive in role.”

The council’s chief financial officer Mark McLaughlin also resigned last week. 

The Local Government Association supported the recruitment process, which was led by government-appointed commissioners.

Lead commissioner Tony McArdle said: “I am very pleased to commend to council, for its endorsement, the appointment of Theresa Grant.

“Theresa has shown throughout her career that she is an exceptional chief executive and I have confidence is the right person to lead the organisation as improvements are put in place to deliver better financial management, governance and ultimately service outcomes for the people of Northamptonshire.”

Quincey and McLaughlin had both been drafted in to stabilise the council's finances after the local authority issued the first ‘section 114’ notice in 20 years.

In a letter to council members, Golby said that McLaughlin decided to step down as the government commissioners are now in place and added “the council is moving into its next phase and therefore it is only right that he steps aside at this time”.

Quincey replaced Damon Lawrenson in April as interim chief after the latter resigned.

Grant’s appointment is expected to be ratified at a full council meeting next Thursday.

Image credit: Hazel Nicholson, Flickr Images


January 2018 - Sajid Javid sends in inspector to investigate the council’s financial management

February 2018 - The council issues the first ‘section 114’ notice in 20 years, banning all spending except on statutory services

February 2018 - The council plans to sell off their brand new headquarters to generate cash

February 2018 - Auditors warn the council’s budget may not be lawful

February 2018 - The council passes a revised budget

March 2018 - Inspector Max Caller publishes report recommending the county is split into two unitaries

March 2018 - Council accepts the reports findings - leader Heather Smith steps down

March 2018 - Javid announces that the council will continue to make majority of decisions despite government commissioners’ involvement

April 2018 - Matthew Golby appointed new council leader

April 2018 - Leaseback agreement of headquarters is agreed

May 2018 - Council announces plans to set up improvement board

May 2018 - Council balances its books with the use of reserves

May 2018 - Commissioners are announced by new secretary of state James Brokenshire

May 2018 - Auditor’s interim report reveals potential figure of PHE grant repayment

June 2018 – Final sum of misspent PHE grant is settled

July 2018 – CEO and CFO step down

July 2018 – New CEO appointed

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