Scottish NHS board finances to be published monthly

3 May 18

Scottish NHS board finances will be published monthly following misuse of funds by NHS Tayside, the Scottish health minister has said.

Shona Robison made the commitment in the Scottish Parliament on Wednesday after NHS Tayside board was found last month to be using its charitable endowment fund to cover daily running costs.

Robison said the monthly reports would create “greater transparency and accountability”.



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It was revealed that NHS Tayside used more than £2m gathered from charitable donations to cover day-to-day running costs. 

Don Peebles, CIPFA’s head of UK policy and technical, told PF: “It pains me to say it, but it is a financial scandal.”

He added that the NHS board has been “window dressing” its finances “for a number of years”.

On the news of the monthly financial reports, Peebles said: “Hopefully it’s a positive move that is intended to demonstrate the positive financial health of boards rather than to identify those which are failing.”

Robison has come under increasing pressure from opposition MSPs to step down since the controversy

Scottish Conservative Miles Briggs said in Holyrood on Wednesday: “The situation in Tayside is shocking, but they are far from on their own.

“Just last week, NHS Lothian - my own health board - revealed to the parliament health and sport committee that it too will require £31m just to stand still at 2017 levels.

“NHS boards are queuing up at the cabinet secretary’s door to beg for financial brokerage just to be able to keep delivering the health and social care services people across Scotland rely on.”

Robison told the Scottish Parliament: “All boards which held endowment funds have now responded to a letter from the [director general of] health and social care about their approach to and use of endowment funds.

“These responses have been passed to Office of the Scottish Charity Regulator to review but I can confirm today that there is nothing in the responses that was a cause for concern and no boards are showing retrospective use of endowment funds to improve there financial position as happened in Tayside.”

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