Government allocates £6m to improve maths in the North

23 May 18

The government has confirmed where £6m of previously announced money to improve maths in the North is to go.

Nick Gibb, minister for schools standards, has confirmed two new ‘hubs’ to improve children’s knowledge of maths will be set up in the region with £1.75m of funding.

They will be in Central Lancashire and Cheshire.  

The remaining funding will be used to expand a south Asian ‘mastery’ approach to teaching maths - a method used in places including Shanghai, Singapore and Hong Kong.

Gibb said: “Poor numeracy still costs the UK a staggering £20bn every year and we want more pupils to feel confident using numbers as it can open up a wide range of options for future study, training and work.

“[This] announcement will help ensure more children in the North have access to a world-class maths education.”

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