Councils struggling to clean up growing fly tipping scourge, say MPs

23 Apr 18

Local authorities are struggling to keep up with growing levels of fly tipping, MPs have heard.

In a commons debate Neil Parish, chair of the environment, food and rural affairs committee, told MPs that local authorities cleaned up more than one million fly tips last year – a 7% increase from the year before.

The Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs estimated that in 2016-17 the cost of clean ups for local authorities amounted to £57.7m.

Colleen Fletcher, Labour MP for Coventry North East noted that Coventry City Council is committed to tackling fly tipping, but is struggling to deal with funding cuts.

She said: “[The council’s] ability to deal with the growing problem has been severely hampered in recent years by cuts to local government funding.

“By 2020, the council will have just half the money it had to run services in 2010.”

The GMB union has also called on the government to take more action fly tipping.

Analysis of Office for National Statistics data by the union found that in 2016-17 in London there were 366, 087 incidents of fly-tipping, costing councils £18m to clear up.

Warren Kenny, GMB regional secretary said: “Government and local councils have to be more proactive in dealing with fly tipping.

“There needs to be better education on the costs of dealing with the problem and how people can dispose of rubbish and unwanted items properly.”

He also called for more accessible recycling and disposal facilities and collection schemes for bulky items.

“We need a policy of zero tolerance with action against fly tipping on all fronts at all times,” he added.

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