Secure personal data should flow unhindered post-Brexit, says DCMS

29 Aug 17

Personal data should move between the UK and European Union in a safe and regulated way after Brexit, a government position paper has said.

The Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) said that under its proposals data would continue to be exchanged in ways that reflected “the unprecedented alignment between British and European law and recognises the high data protection standards that will be in place at the point of exit”.

It said this would give continuity and certainty for public bodies, including law enforcement authorities, allowing them to continue close co-operation between the UK and EU data protection authorities.

Digital minister Matt Hancock, announcing the plans on Thursday last week, said: “In the modern world, data flows increasingly underpin trade, business and all relationships.

"We want the secure flow of data to be unhindered in the future as we leave the EU”.

He said the government sought an agreement that would offer sufficient stability and confidence for businesses, public authorities and individuals. 

A deal would also provide for regulatory cooperation, protect privacy and not impose unnecessary additional costs to business, Hancock added. 

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