Cash ploughed into court waiting rooms to make them ‘less intimidating’

31 Aug 17

HM Courts & Tribunals Service has ploughed £80,000 into improving the surroundings in which victims of crime and witnesses wait to appear in court.

The executive agency said research had shown that small improvements – such as provision where needed of children’s toys – could make the experience of attending court less intimidating for some 156,000 victims and witnesses who give evidence each year.

Model waiting rooms have been established at Nottingham Justice Centre, Manchester Magistrates’ Court, Newcastle Crown Court and Aldershot Justice Centre, with work in progress at Liverpool Crown Court. They will provide a template for courts elsewhere.

Victims’ Commissioner for England and Wales Baroness Newlove said: “The court process can be a traumatic experience for victims and any attempt to make this environment less impersonal and more comfortable is most definitely a positive step.”

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