CIPFA convenes Brexit debate

14 Mar 17

As the government prepares to trigger Article 50, CIPFA is bringing together leading experts and practitioners to debate the future implications for public services.

A new issue of PF PerspectivesThe Brexit balance sheet: weighing up the public sector costs – is being launched on Tuesday 4 April at a public debate in Westminster.

Participants will examine the potential impact of leaving the EU for local government, the NHS, education and other areas, as well as the legal, constitutional, funding and tax implications.

Local government expert Tony Travers, argues in the Perspectives that Brexit will “test the British political and governmental system to the limits” and that local government has a “profound interest” in the shape of the UK’s Brexit deal.

Other PF Perspectives contributors include: Institute for Fiscal Studies director Paul Johnson; leading economist Jonathan Portes; Economists for Free Trade member Warwick Lightfoot; Institute for Government programme director Jill Rutter; and Environmental Audit Committee chair Mary Creagh MP.

The Brexit debate takes place at a breakfast event on Tuesday 4 April, at The Ellwood Atfield Gallery, 34 Smith Square, London SW1P 3HL, from 8am-10am.

For an invitation and further details contact [email protected]

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