CIPFA and Barnett Waddingham unite on LGPS board training

6 Aug 15

CIPFA has partnered with actuaries and consultants Barnett Waddingham to provide support and training for local pension board members.

This followed a change in the law that, from 1 April, requires public sector pension schemes to have local boards whose members have and maintain knowledge and understanding in specific subjects.

Barnett Waddingham contributed to CIPFA’s technical knowledge and skills framework report for local pension boards.

CIPFA pensions technical manager Nigel Keogh said: “A high level of knowledge and skills, maintained and monitored over the term of office of a local pension board member, is key to the success of this important new facet of LGPS governance.”

Graeme Muir, partner and head of public sector consulting at Barnett Waddingham, added: “The Knowledge & Skills framework will be an invaluable tool for all local pension boards, while our joint training initiative will help pension boards achieve the standards set down within the framework.”

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