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27 Apr 15

It’s all change for the Public Finance website

As you may have noticed, PF has a new website. It looks different, has been substantially reorganised, and behind the scenes runs on an entirely different software platform.

We hope you’ll experience an improvement in the site’s speed of response, much better results from our search facility, as well as more obvious links between articles on related topics. It should also be simpler to share articles you like through social media.

Pages should also resize according to the dimensions of your screen, making it easier to view PF through a tablet or mobile device.

Building the new site has been a substantial undertaking and we’re not quite finished yet. Today’s launch is a work in progress, with many additional features still being perfected. We’ll roll out new things as soon as each is ready.

We also have our work cut out adapting years of back catalogue to fit the new format. Please bear with us if you find oddities like two different dates on the same article, a repeated author’s name, poorly sized or missing pictures, or links that don’t seem to go anywhere. We’ll be smoothing out these wrinkles over time, but didn’t want to hold back the launch by months while we fix hundreds of fiddly issues.

If you find something that genuinely seems broken, or a really frustrating missing link, first try clearing your browser’s cache and reloading. And if it’s still not working properly, please let us know.

We have also adopted a new comment facility, called Disqus, which is a third-party service you may have seen on many other sites around the web. You can login to comment on our stories with your existing Twitter, Facebook or Google account details, create a Disqus account you can use in lots of other places, or simply post a comment as a guest.

Most comments will go live right away, without the need for editorial approval. If you read someone else’s comment that irks you, we’d encourage you to click the reply option and air your own view. There’s also the option to flag offensive comments for moderation or removal, though we hope that facility will be needed only rarely.

Please try out the Disqus option, by letting us know what you think of the new Public Finance website below…  

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