Election 2019 Spending Pledges

cipfa logoElection spending pledges from the main three parties for the 2019 general election.

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Election Spending Pledges - updated 5th December 2019 at 11:43

* Figures relate to pledges for funding throughout the next parliament (apart from Labour's 'green transformation fund' and 'national investment bank, which are for a 10-year period).


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Social Care: In the Spending Round the government pledged £1bn to adult and children's social care. A further £500m will be raised by giving councils the option to introduce a 2% social care precept on council tax bills - following consultation. The funding is for 2020-21.£1.5bn
NHS: The government's Health Infrastructure Plan promises £2.7bn to rebuild 6 hospitals in England by 2025, with a further £100m to be shared amongst 34 hospitals by 2030. £2.8bn
Local Roads: In his Conservative Party Conference speech chancellor Sajid Javid annouced a £28.8bn fund for local roads between 2020-2025, saying roads are the "arteries of our country".£28.8bn
Buses: Javid also announced in his conference speech  £220m for the 2020's National Bus Strategy. The money will be used, in part, to expand the fleet of low emissions buses. £0.2bn
NHS: More money will go into the NHS 'day to day' budget - the biggest rise since the last Labour government.£20.5bn
SEND: More funding for schools, probably in the Higher Needs Block.£0.7bn
Further education: More money for sixth forms and colleges.£0.4bn
Defence: A 2.6% increase in the defence budget to keep it above the NATO 2% target.£2.2bn
Police: Johnson has promised to hire 20,000 more officers.£1.02bn
Education: Increased per-pupil funding for primary and secondary schools.£4.3bn
Prisons: Creating 'modern, efficient' prisons (including £100m for reducing crime in prison).£2.6bn
Railways: To reverse 'Dr Richard Beeching' cuts in the 1960s.£0.5bn
Cycling: Fund for improving cycling infrastructure. £0.35bn
Nursing. The Conservatives have pledged to recruit 50,000 new nurses for up to £879m a year over four years. (Although around 18,500 will be nurses retained rather than recruited)£3.32bn
Doctors. 50 million more appointments promised for up to £695m a year over four years£2.43bn
Flexible Childcare Fund. Up to £260m a year over four years for increased after school and holiday childcare.£0.77bn
National Skills Funding. Up to £600m a year over four years. To fund courses including apprenticeships.£1.84bn
Infrastructure. For train, bus and tram routes in the North and Midlands.£4.2bn
Education. To overhaul education regulator Ofsted.£0.01bn



NHS: £26bn for 'day-to-day' NHS spending from 2018-19 to 2023-24 - '£6bn more than the government promises'.£26bn
Mental health. An additional £1.6bn a year for mental health, with £2bn for mental health hospital facilities.£10bn
Public health. £1bn pledge, to help recruit 4,500 more health visitors and school nurses.£1bn
Schools. An extra £10.5bn per year by 2022-23 compared to 2019-20.£31.5bn
Cultural Capital Fund. To transform libraries, museums and galleries across the country.£1bn
Fire Safety Fund. To fit sprinklers and other fire safety measures in all highrise social housing blocks.£1bn
Flood defences: £5.6bn capital funding for the Environment Agency, from Labour's £250bn 'green transformation fund' (see below). -
Green transformation fund: For "upgrading energy, transport and other networks". £250bn from the 'national transformation fund' (see below). -
Adult education: For six years of free study.£3bn
Tuition fees: Labour has said it will scrap university tuition fees. £13bn
'National transformation fund': Investment on long-term projects. John McDonnell said it would tackle climate change and social deprivation. £400bn
'National investment bank'. To provide of lending for enterprise, infrastructure and innovation over 10 years.£250bn
Social transformation fund: For schools, hospitals, care homes and social housing in 'left behind' areas. £150bn
Warm Homes for All: To insulate 27 million homes. £250bn
Renationalisation: Of key industries including water suppliers. The Confederation of British Industry costed this at £196bn. £196bn
Social care: 'Free at the point of use' care for over 65s.  The Kings Fund estimate this at £6bn in 2020-21.£6bn
Childcare: To open up 1,000 new early years centres. £1bn
Broadband: Free broadband for all by 2030. £20bn
Policing of wildlife crimes. Supported by £4.5m funding boost, doubling officer numbers from 88 to 170.£.0045bn
Pensions. Labour has promised to compensate 'Waspi' women who lost out when the pension age was increased from 60 to 65. It would be paid over 5 years.£58bn


Liberal Democrats

Climate change: Funding over five years.£100bn
Skills wallet: Giving each adult in England £10k toward education and training. £1.9bn a year until 2024-25. £9.5bn
Home insulation: To insulate 26 million homes over five years. £15bn
Crime: To fight knife crime.£0.5bn
Childcare: Subsidised care for children from the age of 9 months.£14.6bn
Mental health: For mental health care and to improve waiting times over the term of the parliament.£11bn
Remain bonus: The Lib Dems say if Article 50 was revoked, there would be £50bn extra cash to spend on public services.£50bn
NHS and social care. An extra £35bn over five years.£35bn
Schools. A £4.6bn cash boost for next year and an extra £10bn for schools a year within the next five years.£54.6bn
'Young people's premium'. A £150m fund to encourage 16 - 19 year olds to stay in further education.£0.15bn
Capital infrastructure investment pot. To build 300,000 new homes a year, including 100,000 social homes.£10bn


Please note:

  • Not all figures have been costed by the parties. Some are costed by other organisations, which we have named. 
  • The list may not be complete. If there is any essential spending pledge you think we should include, please contact us at [email protected].